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Visiting master Su in La Palma

Posted by pachitanglangnorway on May 18, 2017 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)

After having helped master Su move from Taipei to Spain, Sept. 2016, I thought it time to pay him a visit again, this past Easter. Now that he is living in Europe, one should think it would be easier to visit, but in fact it is a longer trip than traveling to Taiwan, due to the bad flight connection between the airport of Kristiansand and La Palma. Having to spend at least one night, I decided to travel through Barcelona, and take advatage of the situation and visit Guillermo and his school as well.


Once in La Palma the days passed fast, as they always do when in the company of master Su. Although the daily rutine is a lot more calm, now that he has finally retired for the hassel of traveling around the world teaching the countless students he has. I remember at one time when I was traveling with him we made 11 international trips in one year, as well as participate in at least two major competitions in the US, visit the school of his elder students in the US and teach in the school of NY. His retirement is long over due.

During my stay in La Palma, I was also accopanied by two fellow students and their daughter, from Mallorca. The days went by by long meals, walks in the center of La Palma, and plesant talks about martial arts, past experiences and future endeavors.

A small article written by astudent:

- In Chinese culture, a master is refered to with the metaphor of a candle. A candle that burns it's self, inorder to light up others. This is the life master Su, Yu-Chang has led. All who have studied under him know this, he is a pure "dragon of fire", when it comes to teaching, speaking and acting. This candle, has been burning since the age of 6, when he started his journey within the martial arts. Since a young age he dominated his art, and since a young age he dedicated himself to teaching. He preaches lots, but does little for himself; this we know. Because he is the candle, he came to this world to be a a teacher, a guide, he is the tourch who shows the students the way to the light, eventhough he himself gets burned. Today as a student I want to express this. All who are close to him know that one day will come when the candle will burn no more, just like al material of this world. Not though, his spirit, that spirit of teachings which has left countless students around the world, without frontier. The spirit which can not be described, only felt; but at the same time will last forever in this world.

I thank him for being my master and guide. And I share his flame. - May, 2017 Olympia S.G


Easter in Mallorca

Posted by pachitanglangnorway on March 28, 2013 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Having started the trip in the wee hours of the morning, it felt good to finally arrive to the island. Unfortunatly my luguage didn't. There was to be a gathering of the European members of Pachi Tanglang, over 4 days during the Easter hollidays, and I was arriving two days early. Last time I sett foot on the island was several years ago. It was good to be back!

Most of the participants arrived the next day. Students from England, France, The Netherlands, and Barcelona. The students from the Mallorquin branch had organzide it all. There was the transport group, incharge of picking people up from the airport. The supplies group, in charge of buying in the food we'd be consuming during these days. Being Easter things had to be planned and bough before hand. During that nights dinner we were a total of 39 people eating together at Ca's Mestre (The Master's House), also known to be the headquarter of Pachi Tanglang Spain.

The place of practice would be in the premisses of a Paint Ball center. The topic of this seminar was the I Ching Shi Ku Kong. A Chikung from the Pachi Chuan system, focusing of the streching of the tendons and ligaments of the joints. Having a total of eight lines, these would be taught over the whole seminar, giving the students time to both remeber and practice each and every one.

The day started with a breakfast, in Ca's Mestre, followed by practice from 09:30. A lunch break around 13:00 and finishing practice around 17:00. The rest of the afternoon and evenig was spent as one wished. Sightseeing, more practice, rest, getting aquented with new faces, and catching up with old friends. Dinner was made by the Mallorquin students. Lots of fun, good practice and good food!

Hope it can be repeated next year!


Pics to be seen on" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> PTI Norway's facebook page

Visiting master Su in Taipei

Posted by pachitanglangnorway on January 25, 2012 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

               It has long been a tradition with our school to have an international gathering during the time between Christmas and the first week of the new year. This year was going to be the 17th year, but due to the financial problems many countries suffer today, this year it was on a much smaller scale. Also since master Su has now his base in Taiwan, many studnets make their way there to train with master Su, in their own time. I had the opportunity to join one of these study groups last summer, together with two students from Japan.

    During this last trip I was able to practice with students from Mallorca, Venezuela and Japan. Master Su had divided the study groups into 2, in order to easier teach and practice one subject at one time. The subjects of study for the first part was the 8 lines of the Shen Chi Toh Ku Kong. A form of Chin Kong of the Pachi style. In these excercises one practices the stretching of muscles, tendons and joints, in order to work on the projections of the different kinds of energies found in the body. For the second part it was the 12 lines of Po An, or with their full name Shih Erh Lu Paian (Po An) Lien Shou. These are lines designed as partner drills, so that the students develop fighting skills, within the Tanglang Chuan style.

   There was no set schedule of practice, it was more of a "take things as they come" kind of mood to it all. This was only possible due to the fact that there was only one subject to be covered, during a one week time period, and that we were very few attending. Another thing to consider was that this time we had our own school, and did not have to consider opperation hours of a hotel or temple, which we have always had to do before. The TT Pachimen/Pachi Tanglang school of Taipei is located in the center of the city of Taiåei. So this made everything very easy. Some days we hade some practice in the morning, then did a bit of shopping or sightseeing, and then some more practice in the afternoon. I remeber on day we spent 2 hours consentrating on only 1 of the Chin Kong lines. Another time, thanks to the bullet train that runs between Taipei and Kaoshiung, a trip that used to take around 5 hours, we were able to visit some friends and relatives of master Su. During other international seminars there was always alot of people to consider and therefore the layout of the seminars was much more tied to a time table.  There was also more subjects to be learned.

Having now participated in two of these study groups trips, as I like to call them, I highly recomend it to all students of Pachi Tanglang.

For more photos go to our "Foto" page

Pachi Chuan Gathering in Oslo

Posted by pachitanglangnorway on January 24, 2012 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

      This past Saturday January 24th 2012, together with my student Girik, we had the opportunity to travel to Oslo to meet with Paolo Castaneda and some of his students from Oslo Wutan. We had been invited by Paolo to come and meet some other Pachi Chuan practitioners from Finland and Sweeden, from the Baji Association. So we hopped into my car and took the 5 hour long drive into the capital, as soon as I was done with work. This is not the first time we have made this trip, so far it has been at least once a year. But it was going to be our first time to meet other practitioners of the Pachi Chuan style, from Europe.


   After having picked up the guests from Gardemoen Airport, we headed to lunch. It was quit some weather we had that day, so going to Oslo's best place to get Vietnamese noodle soup, fell in approval by all. We then headed to Njårdhallen Sports Center, where we spent some three hours showing our different versions of our Pachi and other styles, as well as sharing and trying out different ideas.


     The day ended in a well deserved Chinese dinner.

Here is a link to the Sweedish blog. And more photos on their facebook page.



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