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Easter in Mallorca

Posted by pachitanglangnorway on March 28, 2013 at 4:15 AM

Having started the trip in the wee hours of the morning, it felt good to finally arrive to the island. Unfortunatly my luguage didn't. There was to be a gathering of the European members of Pachi Tanglang, over 4 days during the Easter hollidays, and I was arriving two days early. Last time I sett foot on the island was several years ago. It was good to be back!

Most of the participants arrived the next day. Students from England, France, The Netherlands, and Barcelona. The students from the Mallorquin branch had organzide it all. There was the transport group, incharge of picking people up from the airport. The supplies group, in charge of buying in the food we'd be consuming during these days. Being Easter things had to be planned and bough before hand. During that nights dinner we were a total of 39 people eating together at Ca's Mestre (The Master's House), also known to be the headquarter of Pachi Tanglang Spain.

The place of practice would be in the premisses of a Paint Ball center. The topic of this seminar was the I Ching Shi Ku Kong. A Chikung from the Pachi Chuan system, focusing of the streching of the tendons and ligaments of the joints. Having a total of eight lines, these would be taught over the whole seminar, giving the students time to both remeber and practice each and every one.

The day started with a breakfast, in Ca's Mestre, followed by practice from 09:30. A lunch break around 13:00 and finishing practice around 17:00. The rest of the afternoon and evenig was spent as one wished. Sightseeing, more practice, rest, getting aquented with new faces, and catching up with old friends. Dinner was made by the Mallorquin students. Lots of fun, good practice and good food!

Hope it can be repeated next year!


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