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Tradisjonell Kinesisk Kampkunst

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In order to keep this with in the PTI comunity, only students will be accepted as members.


Para mantener esto dentro de la comunidad PTI solo se van a acceptar alumnos como miembros.


Slik at dette holder seg innen PTI sammfunet kan bare de som er elever bli medlemer.

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Doing well in Norway!! :cool:

What school/coutrydo you attend? En que escuela/pais estas?


What styles do you practice? Que estilos praticas?

All - todos

What belt are you? Que cinturon tienes?

black 1 tuan

Tanglang Chuan er hoved fokuset i Pachi Tanglang Norge. Vi holder oss til et resumert pensum satt sammen av mester Su, Yu-Chang, som inkluderer materiale fra:

Chishing/Meihua Tanglang Chuan

Papu Tanglang Chuan

Liohoe Tanglang Chuan

Pimen Tanglang Chuan