Group Photos Group Photos Most Paisu students of Master Su This photo was taken during the 07-08 International Seminar held in Taiwan. 52675118 Two masters To the left master Su, Yu-Chang and to the right his student, master Kurt Wong 52675119 Oslo Wutan Paisu students Photo taken during the Paisu ceremony of Paolo Castanedas students 52675627 Japan 2006 Group photo of praticipants of a seminar in Japan 57472287 School in Tokyo Director of the Japanese branch of Pachi Tanglang, Mr. Noda together with master Su 57472288 grand opening and birthday party Master Su preparing to slice his birthday cake with a miao tao sword 57475960 Caracas, Venezuela Photo taken in the Parque Central 2001 57476674 In Shanghai Master Su and Marit in Shaghai, August 2001 57475961 Jinan 1996 group of Pachi Tanglang participantes in the 2nd Wushu tournament in Jinan 113142165 Taipei Enjoy tea with master Su, master Adam Hsu, and his daughter Helen 113142167 113142169 Practicing durning a seminar in La Cocuiza, Venezuela 1995 113143304 Morning Chikung practice during an International Seminar in Taiwan 113143305 Pachi Chuan practice during an International seminar in Mallorca, Spain 1996-97 113143306 113143307