Master Su - Norway 09 Master Su - Norway 09 1000 year old oak Visiting Norways 3rd oldest tree, Mølestad Eika. 56957194 Pimen Tanglang Shou Chuan Students both young and older practicing together under the tutelage of Master Su. 56957165 The participants of the Tanglang Shou Chuan seminar 56957166 A strole in the park 57015600 Dedication As a small token of inspiration Master Su made three personal dedication to the student of Pachi Tanglang Norway. 57237632 Pachi Tanglang Norway with friends Together with Master Su, Jose Antonio and Virginia from Mallorca came to visit. 56957167 Shihpa Lohan Kong An important part of Master Su's teachings is the philosophy and understanding of the movements. 56957168 56957169 Tanglang Pakun 56957170 56957171 56957173 Participants of the Tanglang Pakun seminar Thank you all for comming. Hope we can do it again some time in the future! 56957172